Max Log Entry 9.2

Finding a Ride.

So basically we have to go find the wardens daughter, who went missing at some town. She better have some sprinkled treats when I find her. The odd part of this whole case is that we have 3 GIRLS is going to tag along on our case.
When I mention this to Sam he reply’s, “You don’t even like girls Max.” I replied, “Oh right well at least they would pamper me because I’m so cute.” Sam says " You crack me up little buddy."
So we got some supplies from our office and shop (giving them buckets of worm as payment). Sam also got a new Detective Kit for free because I used the last kit to build a soup dispenser.
We arrived pretty early to the Caravan station, so to past time Sam used me as target practice. I got covered in apple fluid.
Skipping some time, the rich girl arrived first and she started to complain about using live target for practice is dangerous. Sam suggested if she wants to be a target too but she refused though. Then finally the other 2 girl arrived together, they bickered on about Sam attitude and other girl stuff. Then the caravan driver (Dermott Johns) arrived late like Sam predicted and after attacking him when he tried to pet…….. we arrived to HaleBrook.



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