Max Log Entry 9.2 Prologue

Tutorial Combat HAZA!

RIGHT! I forgot the bloody fight we had before arriving to HailBrooke. So anyway this was the jiff of it all. We been making our way through the forest towards HailBrooke, when we where stopped by a small chasm, I could of made the jump but the caravan driver (Durmock Johns) did not want to take a chance. So we basically solved the problem by Sam throwing me to the other side. Oh I forgot to mention that there was a drawbridge on the other side so when I landed on the soft dry painful dirt, I released the drawbridge to let them through.
Then when the Caravan was crossing the bridge Sam sharp senses spotted some Gnolls (or beast men what ever, they all bleed the same) camping out in some ruins. So Sam told Dermott Johns, “Stay Back the Freelance Detective will take care of this unfortunate creatures.” So we charged into battle with Diplomatic attention of course. But they did not like us pulling our weapons out so we had to result to Diplomatic Violence. The 3 GIRLS also tag along in our fight. Surprisinly they did well for being amateurs.



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