Max Log Entry 9.3

First Look of HailBrook

So we arrived to HailBrook before night fall because of my persuasive talk to the horses to go faster or to face my furry wrath. When we arrived there people who were still up stared at us making me want to gouge their eyes out. At first look in the town the place seemed like a dump nothing special really. So I have real high hopes of finding terrible secrets in this place, the town is creepy by itself so of course there be some kind of secrets right?

Because it was nightfall and we had 3 extra life’s to take care of. We had to spend a night at the towns lovely old Inn instead of getting this investigation underway. Sam said, “I guess we had no choice.” They needed some shut eye, so we ate some gray food for dinner (which tasted mildly like soil) and spend a night in one of the rooms.



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