Max Log Entry 9.4

Missing girl: Waking Call (Based on Sam & Max Waking Call))

Sam woke me up (around 6am) saying, “Come on Pal we got Wardens daughter to save.” I replied, " To bad she cant save herself." So we quickly got ready making, some ruckus in the room, then we burst through the door towards the first floor of the inn. There were a few drunk people who did not have the strength to go home the previous night. Sam talked to a dwarf who was slumps over at the corner of the inn. Looks like he wanted to get some information about this town. All he got out of the dwarf was that this HailBrook used to have river flowing, because of the clean flowing river the town was named HailBrook, but apparently the river has dried up while back ago. We haven’t seen any dried river so I guess we have to check that out, not sure how this is relevant to the missing girl.
As Sam was talking to the dwarf, I smelled the presence of one of the girls watching us from above. From the unsettling old perfume smell I guessed it was the changeling girl. Sam was preoccupied to with the dwarf so I didn’t mention anything to Sam. After Sam finished asking the dwarf questions they punched each other to secure their manhood I guess; soon after the conversion ended the changeling girl left the inn. I mention this to Sam when we head back up to the 2nd floor to wake the girls and Sam already knew about her leaving ,then he said, “Well hopefully she does not do anything to get in trouble.” I replied, “Yeah that’s our job.” Sam laughed.
Then we kicked the door down to the other girls room to wake them up.



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