Max Log Entry 9.5

Investigation of HailBrook (Failure is a option!))

After waking up the 2 girls and erasing my memory of what I saw in there room. Sam gave them a pep talk on our mission, I think it was to save someone Letty Stillwell. But anyway… he told the 2 girl to not attract any attention and never to expose there true motive of coming to this town. He said that it can alert who ever kidnapped Letty which will give them the upper hand. They were easily persuade by Sams plan. Then he said, “Hopefully our Changeling friend wont cause any scene…” Without letting a second pass I said, “Not a chance.” The 2 girls nodded. (Ha… they understood me that time apparently.)

We left as a group towards the town center to check out the dried up river and look for the Changeling. The girls talked to each other on what we should look into. I said to Sam, “I like this town its full of old stuff that I can destroy and eat.” Sam said, “Know Max don’t forget that we came here.” I replied, “Yeah to find Letty dead or alive!” Sam replied, “Well finding/rescuing her alive would be better.”

As we arrived to the town center there was stone bride standing over a dried up river. Lucky for us the changeling girl was at the stone bridge. The problem is that we found her causing a scene when that’s my job!



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