Max Log Entry 9.6

Lets split up gang!

Sam smacked his forehead as he watched the changeling bicker at one of the townsfolk.
Max: “Well your plan quickly went down the drain and its not even my fault.”
Sam “Yeah well shes not Max is she.”
Max: “You bet she is!”
Sam: “Shut up Max.”

Sam looked back at the 2 girls and they weren’t surprised by her action. We then approached her when after she finished arguing with the man. Sam did not snap at her but he was already tired of her attitude over him and the mission. He then explained his plan over again to the changeling but she did not listen to half of it. Sam snared a little.

To improve our chance of finding some kind of clue Sam decided to split up us and 3 girls. The girls were questionable about his plan but he explained that they have potential. I told Sam, “Oh that’s cute Sam your being nice to them.” He then crucially advised them to not attract anymore attention to themselves. He then told them that he will meet up with them in about few hours. Then we parted ways.

Max: “SO why do you insist on not letting them attract attention, we can have them attract all the attention while we catch the bad guy.”
Sam: “That is a good plan but we cant do that to them Sam they are our responsibly, also we still don’t have any information on who and why Ms.Stillwell was kidnapped.”
Max: “Maybe she just tripped some where and is still knocked out or got eaten by bears.”
Sam: “Boy I hope not!”

We walked towards the mayors office to get some more information but before that we stopped by one of the town shops. The shop had many exotic birds its either was they were products or just the owners pets. The owner is a female elf who had more friendlier smell then the townsfolk. Sam talked with her and ask some question but he only got some information about the attitude of most townsfolk.



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