Max Log Entry 9.7

Mayor Something!

After visiting a shop and buying a bird. I let it perch on my head while we went along with our investigation. We soon arrived to mayors office and Sam knocks on the door but the Mayor refused to answer to our call. The Mayors (Jangi Blackstream) demanded a proof of why he should see us and he wouldn’t listen to anything sell Sam says.

Sam: “Seems like hes type of person who do not listen to reason.”
Max: “Well I bet he will listen to some chains and whips.”
Sam: “To bad we were banned from Chains And Whips Emporium.”
Max: “Who cares all they sold was fake chains and whips.”

We noticed the rich girl standing near by the office staring at a house. Sam cracked up a idea so we went up to her and borrowed her Bastion Blade ID. Sam did not further question the rich girl and we rushed towards the Mayors Office.

Sam knocked on the door again and slid the Bastion Blade ID under the door to show the proof of who they are. He opened the door and asked who we where and Sam replied, “FreeLance Bastion Blade at your service.”



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