Max Log Entry 9.8

Mayor and some hooligans.

Sam got some information out of the mayor. But it was not giving us a exact information of who, when and where the kidnapping has happened. I really don’t remember the details but it seems like mostly the noble of the town has been kidnapped and the places they disappeared was when they were alone (Duh!). Sam pressed on saying that mayor is not telling the whole story, mayor got pissed off because of Sam accusing him of lying. So we got kicked out of his office.

Max: “Well that went well.”
Sam: “Oh yeah, getting vague information from the highest authority in this town is the best way to start this investigation.”
Max: “You actually collecting information?”
Sam: “Little bit, I have a feeling there more to this then continuous kidnapping”
Max: “Oh yeah I also have this tingling sensation back of my neck to.”
Sam: “Thats the bird picking away at your skin Max.”

We soon returned where the rich girl was standing. Apparently shes watching the house that the vampire went in alone. Sam gives off a sigh as he asks where the horn girl is. Apparently shes watching the dried lake for any change. Something about rock in the dried up river bed.

Max: “Haha this is what happens when you trust in girls Sam.”
Sam: “Shut up Max.”

The rich girl explained that some noble (halfing) came out of the house looking very anxious. She was already no where to be seen but while we waited at the alleyway for the changling to get out of that dam house. Where were ambushed by hoodlums from the roof tops.

Max: “Finally some action.”
Sam: “You said it Max, give me a brake from this babysitting.”
The rich girl was right next to him.
Rich Girl: “…..”

The hoodlums started shooting at us with there crossbow.
Sam: “Watch out! Dont kill them I need to interrogate them!”
Max: “Oh we can torture them! Yepee!”
Sam jumps on top of Max’s head and hops towards the rooftops. Then he shoots concussion round at one of the hoodlums. He screams and falls to the floor. At the same time the rich girl takes down one of the hoodlums ambushing us on the ground floor and I take care of the last guy by pushing him off the roof top.



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