Max Log Entry 9.9

Speedy Interrogation

So the hoodlums where not so great at ambushing people. Sam ties them up and wakes them up for interrogation.
Sam: “I’ll let you handle this Max.”
Max: “Alright”

I grab one of the hoodlums by the shirt and say start talking if not I will torment you in ways unimaginable. Soon after that the 3 men started spilling everything literally.
Sam: “Wow that was fast Max.”
Max: “There bunch of spineless men Sam, it was to fast that I couldn’t start enjoying it.”

What we get out of the hoodlums are that they were hired by some women to kill anyone who is snooping around the town.
Max: “How that heck did we already get noticed? We were not here for even a day!”
Sam: “Most likely she found out last night, information spreads quickly in a these kind of community.”
Max: “My urge of burning this town is increasing by the second Sam”
Sam: “You time will come.”

They also gave up a letter that they received from the women. It said if the men completed there task, she wants them to go to the jail cells at the sheriffs office and chant “Torog Torog Torog”. Apparently the hoodlums did not have the drains to read the letter after they received it and complained she promised them reward of fortune, not to turn themselves in to the sheriffs.
Max: “Torag? sounds like name of frog.”
Sam: “….”
Max: “ahh Sam?”
Sam: “Looks like my hunch was right, Max there is more to this then kidnapping.”
Max: “I think kidnapping is already high penalty…”
Sam: “Torog is a god who is worshiped by cultist Max.”
Max: “See my stomach! See my hunch was correct there is a evil force working at this town.”
Sam: “….”(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



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