Max Log Entry 9.9
Speedy Interrogation

So the hoodlums where not so great at ambushing people. Sam ties them up and wakes them up for interrogation.
Sam: “I’ll let you handle this Max.”
Max: “Alright”

I grab one of the hoodlums by the shirt and say start talking if not I will torment you in ways unimaginable. Soon after that the 3 men started spilling everything literally.
Sam: “Wow that was fast Max.”
Max: “There bunch of spineless men Sam, it was to fast that I couldn’t start enjoying it.”

What we get out of the hoodlums are that they were hired by some women to kill anyone who is snooping around the town.
Max: “How that heck did we already get noticed? We were not here for even a day!”
Sam: “Most likely she found out last night, information spreads quickly in a these kind of community.”
Max: “My urge of burning this town is increasing by the second Sam”
Sam: “You time will come.”

They also gave up a letter that they received from the women. It said if the men completed there task, she wants them to go to the jail cells at the sheriffs office and chant “Torog Torog Torog”. Apparently the hoodlums did not have the drains to read the letter after they received it and complained she promised them reward of fortune, not to turn themselves in to the sheriffs.
Max: “Torag? sounds like name of frog.”
Sam: “….”
Max: “ahh Sam?”
Sam: “Looks like my hunch was right, Max there is more to this then kidnapping.”
Max: “I think kidnapping is already high penalty…”
Sam: “Torog is a god who is worshiped by cultist Max.”
Max: “See my stomach! See my hunch was correct there is a evil force working at this town.”
Sam: “….”(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Max Log Entry 9.8
Mayor and some hooligans.

Sam got some information out of the mayor. But it was not giving us a exact information of who, when and where the kidnapping has happened. I really don’t remember the details but it seems like mostly the noble of the town has been kidnapped and the places they disappeared was when they were alone (Duh!). Sam pressed on saying that mayor is not telling the whole story, mayor got pissed off because of Sam accusing him of lying. So we got kicked out of his office.

Max: “Well that went well.”
Sam: “Oh yeah, getting vague information from the highest authority in this town is the best way to start this investigation.”
Max: “You actually collecting information?”
Sam: “Little bit, I have a feeling there more to this then continuous kidnapping”
Max: “Oh yeah I also have this tingling sensation back of my neck to.”
Sam: “Thats the bird picking away at your skin Max.”

We soon returned where the rich girl was standing. Apparently shes watching the house that the vampire went in alone. Sam gives off a sigh as he asks where the horn girl is. Apparently shes watching the dried lake for any change. Something about rock in the dried up river bed.

Max: “Haha this is what happens when you trust in girls Sam.”
Sam: “Shut up Max.”

The rich girl explained that some noble (halfing) came out of the house looking very anxious. She was already no where to be seen but while we waited at the alleyway for the changling to get out of that dam house. Where were ambushed by hoodlums from the roof tops.

Max: “Finally some action.”
Sam: “You said it Max, give me a brake from this babysitting.”
The rich girl was right next to him.
Rich Girl: “…..”

The hoodlums started shooting at us with there crossbow.
Sam: “Watch out! Dont kill them I need to interrogate them!”
Max: “Oh we can torture them! Yepee!”
Sam jumps on top of Max’s head and hops towards the rooftops. Then he shoots concussion round at one of the hoodlums. He screams and falls to the floor. At the same time the rich girl takes down one of the hoodlums ambushing us on the ground floor and I take care of the last guy by pushing him off the roof top.

Max Log Entry 9.7
Mayor Something!

After visiting a shop and buying a bird. I let it perch on my head while we went along with our investigation. We soon arrived to mayors office and Sam knocks on the door but the Mayor refused to answer to our call. The Mayors (Jangi Blackstream) demanded a proof of why he should see us and he wouldn’t listen to anything sell Sam says.

Sam: “Seems like hes type of person who do not listen to reason.”
Max: “Well I bet he will listen to some chains and whips.”
Sam: “To bad we were banned from Chains And Whips Emporium.”
Max: “Who cares all they sold was fake chains and whips.”

We noticed the rich girl standing near by the office staring at a house. Sam cracked up a idea so we went up to her and borrowed her Bastion Blade ID. Sam did not further question the rich girl and we rushed towards the Mayors Office.

Sam knocked on the door again and slid the Bastion Blade ID under the door to show the proof of who they are. He opened the door and asked who we where and Sam replied, “FreeLance Bastion Blade at your service.”

Max Log Entry 9.6
Lets split up gang!

Sam smacked his forehead as he watched the changeling bicker at one of the townsfolk.
Max: “Well your plan quickly went down the drain and its not even my fault.”
Sam “Yeah well shes not Max is she.”
Max: “You bet she is!”
Sam: “Shut up Max.”

Sam looked back at the 2 girls and they weren’t surprised by her action. We then approached her when after she finished arguing with the man. Sam did not snap at her but he was already tired of her attitude over him and the mission. He then explained his plan over again to the changeling but she did not listen to half of it. Sam snared a little.

To improve our chance of finding some kind of clue Sam decided to split up us and 3 girls. The girls were questionable about his plan but he explained that they have potential. I told Sam, “Oh that’s cute Sam your being nice to them.” He then crucially advised them to not attract anymore attention to themselves. He then told them that he will meet up with them in about few hours. Then we parted ways.

Max: “SO why do you insist on not letting them attract attention, we can have them attract all the attention while we catch the bad guy.”
Sam: “That is a good plan but we cant do that to them Sam they are our responsibly, also we still don’t have any information on who and why Ms.Stillwell was kidnapped.”
Max: “Maybe she just tripped some where and is still knocked out or got eaten by bears.”
Sam: “Boy I hope not!”

We walked towards the mayors office to get some more information but before that we stopped by one of the town shops. The shop had many exotic birds its either was they were products or just the owners pets. The owner is a female elf who had more friendlier smell then the townsfolk. Sam talked with her and ask some question but he only got some information about the attitude of most townsfolk.

Max Log Entry 9.5
Investigation of HailBrook (Failure is a option!))

After waking up the 2 girls and erasing my memory of what I saw in there room. Sam gave them a pep talk on our mission, I think it was to save someone Letty Stillwell. But anyway… he told the 2 girl to not attract any attention and never to expose there true motive of coming to this town. He said that it can alert who ever kidnapped Letty which will give them the upper hand. They were easily persuade by Sams plan. Then he said, “Hopefully our Changeling friend wont cause any scene…” Without letting a second pass I said, “Not a chance.” The 2 girls nodded. (Ha… they understood me that time apparently.)

We left as a group towards the town center to check out the dried up river and look for the Changeling. The girls talked to each other on what we should look into. I said to Sam, “I like this town its full of old stuff that I can destroy and eat.” Sam said, “Know Max don’t forget that we came here.” I replied, “Yeah to find Letty dead or alive!” Sam replied, “Well finding/rescuing her alive would be better.”

As we arrived to the town center there was stone bride standing over a dried up river. Lucky for us the changeling girl was at the stone bridge. The problem is that we found her causing a scene when that’s my job!

Max Log Entry 9.4
Missing girl: Waking Call (Based on Sam & Max Waking Call))

Sam woke me up (around 6am) saying, “Come on Pal we got Wardens daughter to save.” I replied, " To bad she cant save herself." So we quickly got ready making, some ruckus in the room, then we burst through the door towards the first floor of the inn. There were a few drunk people who did not have the strength to go home the previous night. Sam talked to a dwarf who was slumps over at the corner of the inn. Looks like he wanted to get some information about this town. All he got out of the dwarf was that this HailBrook used to have river flowing, because of the clean flowing river the town was named HailBrook, but apparently the river has dried up while back ago. We haven’t seen any dried river so I guess we have to check that out, not sure how this is relevant to the missing girl.
As Sam was talking to the dwarf, I smelled the presence of one of the girls watching us from above. From the unsettling old perfume smell I guessed it was the changeling girl. Sam was preoccupied to with the dwarf so I didn’t mention anything to Sam. After Sam finished asking the dwarf questions they punched each other to secure their manhood I guess; soon after the conversion ended the changeling girl left the inn. I mention this to Sam when we head back up to the 2nd floor to wake the girls and Sam already knew about her leaving ,then he said, “Well hopefully she does not do anything to get in trouble.” I replied, “Yeah that’s our job.” Sam laughed.
Then we kicked the door down to the other girls room to wake them up.

Max Log Entry 9.3
First Look of HailBrook

So we arrived to HailBrook before night fall because of my persuasive talk to the horses to go faster or to face my furry wrath. When we arrived there people who were still up stared at us making me want to gouge their eyes out. At first look in the town the place seemed like a dump nothing special really. So I have real high hopes of finding terrible secrets in this place, the town is creepy by itself so of course there be some kind of secrets right?

Because it was nightfall and we had 3 extra life’s to take care of. We had to spend a night at the towns lovely old Inn instead of getting this investigation underway. Sam said, “I guess we had no choice.” They needed some shut eye, so we ate some gray food for dinner (which tasted mildly like soil) and spend a night in one of the rooms.

Max Log Entry 9.2 Prologue
Tutorial Combat HAZA!

RIGHT! I forgot the bloody fight we had before arriving to HailBrooke. So anyway this was the jiff of it all. We been making our way through the forest towards HailBrooke, when we where stopped by a small chasm, I could of made the jump but the caravan driver (Durmock Johns) did not want to take a chance. So we basically solved the problem by Sam throwing me to the other side. Oh I forgot to mention that there was a drawbridge on the other side so when I landed on the soft dry painful dirt, I released the drawbridge to let them through.
Then when the Caravan was crossing the bridge Sam sharp senses spotted some Gnolls (or beast men what ever, they all bleed the same) camping out in some ruins. So Sam told Dermott Johns, “Stay Back the Freelance Detective will take care of this unfortunate creatures.” So we charged into battle with Diplomatic attention of course. But they did not like us pulling our weapons out so we had to result to Diplomatic Violence. The 3 GIRLS also tag along in our fight. Surprisinly they did well for being amateurs.

Max Log Entry 9.2
Finding a Ride.

So basically we have to go find the wardens daughter, who went missing at some town. She better have some sprinkled treats when I find her. The odd part of this whole case is that we have 3 GIRLS is going to tag along on our case.
When I mention this to Sam he reply’s, “You don’t even like girls Max.” I replied, “Oh right well at least they would pamper me because I’m so cute.” Sam says " You crack me up little buddy."
So we got some supplies from our office and shop (giving them buckets of worm as payment). Sam also got a new Detective Kit for free because I used the last kit to build a soup dispenser.
We arrived pretty early to the Caravan station, so to past time Sam used me as target practice. I got covered in apple fluid.
Skipping some time, the rich girl arrived first and she started to complain about using live target for practice is dangerous. Sam suggested if she wants to be a target too but she refused though. Then finally the other 2 girl arrived together, they bickered on about Sam attitude and other girl stuff. Then the caravan driver (Dermott Johns) arrived late like Sam predicted and after attacking him when he tried to pet…….. we arrived to HaleBrook.

Max Log Entry 9.1@2
Death From Above!

Even though I do not like girls, these girls seemed to had some interesting features. One of them smelled of high priced perfume that she got from some man who she dumped last month, another smelled like a old wet socks but what do I know? I don’t wear any socks and the last one had something sticking out of her head (must be that time of month).

So I got comfortable on the couch by jumping up and down on it. Then the Warden spoke to everyone of how his daughter disappeared in a small town. I remember her trying to pet me once but before I can pounce on her head, she gave me a unhealthy treats, so shes OK. I do not really remember the rest of the conversation, but after Sam finished moving his mouth he grabbed my head and rushed out of the office.


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