Also known as the Alanna plains, this northerly valley is comprised of plains, farmland, and small forests. Centuries ago, the Aldanna plains were home to a multitude of settlements and communities, but few have survived to this day; the ruined structures of the collapsed empire’s manors and keeps now dot the wilderness.

Aldanna is bordered on the north by both the Cloakwood forest and the Direridge mountains; the former is eastwards of the latter. The countryside is marred by dozens ravines and canyons of various lengths and depths.

The largest point of civilization is the city of Bastion, which resides in the northeastern section of the region. About a day’s travel west of Bastion is the small farming community of Halebrook.

Travel between the remaining communities of Aldanna is risky: bandits, cultists, and monsters raid the area frequently, making life outside of Bastion very dangerous.


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